CQ5, AEM6 real price

When I was reading
Why are Mid-Market Companies Still Looking at Adobe Experience Manager?

I have only one tought. Is $450,000 - $2 000 000 the final price?

I think the price is much bigger. You have to think about the specialists who are expensive and hard to find with boxed solutions. Usually you must train some but not all employers think about it cause mostly they think "I pay so much for a system so propably it's safe, efficient etc.". And definitely its self configurable and easy to maintain :)

In my opinion it costs much more.



Wtf? Servers configuration issues? You can say it's only a login page...


AEM6 security checklist
CQ5 security checklist

Now imagine opposite situation, when attacker will go trough "security checklist" :)

Results are terrible. $450,000 it's just small change.


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